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SentryWatch FAQ

Dear customer,

Below you can find a list of FAQs related to Aversons' SentryWatch Home Security System. We are expanding these FAQ as we see additional interest from customers on specific topics.


Q: Which software do I need to connect to the camera?
A: Camera application is YI IoT and can be found on the AppStore/ Google Play Store. For Windows PC the application can be downloaded here.

Q: How do I connect to the camera?
A: Please see below video that outlines how the camera can be connected to the Wi-Fi network. A video from the application company can be found here.

Typical steps in setting-up the camera would be:
  1. Install the application on your phone.
  2. Screw the camera into a socket with power switched on.
  3. Wait for the camera to perform the range of motion test (rotation & tilting). After that the camera will start beeping.
  4. Add the camera in the application by pressing the + sign at the top right corner.
  5. Click on "scan code binding"
  6. Click on "I heard the beep" and scan the QR code located on the side of the camera.
  7. Enter the name of the Wi-Fi network in the 1st line and the password in the 2nd line. Ensure to use the exact wording, in doubt you can check your phone settings for the exact network name.
  8. Click next and hold the phone with the QR code displayed in front of the camera. The phone will make some squeaky noises while the camera is reading the QR code.
  9. Camera will confirm that it is connecting to the Wi-Fi network. When you hear this confirmation tick the "I heard Waiting to connect" box and click next.
  10. Camera will pair with your phone, which might take up to 2 minutes. When successful an audio message will confirm the pairing.
  11. Now you can assign a particular location to this camera e.g. office and finish the initial set-up.
  12. On the next screen you can set-up the cloud storage solution or directly start using the camera by clicking on "Start Using Your Camera".
  13. When clicking on the camera you should be able to move the camera with the control pad virtual joystick in the bottom section of the screen.


Q: Does the camera have 5G?
A: Currently SentryWatch supports 2G technology, which covers larger distances with lower speed, in comparison with 5G that provides higher speed at lower coverage. All 5G routers can support separate 5G and 2G networks that can be named differently. If not switched on by default, you can switch on 2G functionality in your router settings. For instructions on how to switch on a 2G network on your router please consult your router user manual, that typically can be found on the router manufacturer homepage or on your internet provider router support page.

Q: Do I need internet for the camera to work?
A: It depends on the application. You can connect to the camera using e.g. a Wi-Fi hotspot from your phone and can either view the live camera feed or retrieve videos that are stored on the optional micro-SD card. This also applies if the camera and phone/PC are in the same Wi-Fi network.

If you would like to see the video feed remotely, then the Wi-Fi network needs to be connected to the internet. Same applies if you would like the video feed to be recorded to the cloud storage. Please see other questions below for additional details on cloud storage.

Q: Do you have a bayonet fitting for the camera?
A: Camera comes with a E27 screw type fitting. If a bayonet fitting is required an adaptor can be be used. Please select the "SentryWatch with B22 Bayonet Adapter" option before checking out.

Q: Does the light switch have to be on?
A: Yes, for the camera to receive power the light switch needs to be on.



Q: Can you view the video footage that is stored on the micro-SD card remotely?
A: Yes, the application allows playback of stored videos remotely when connected to the internet. If both camera and phone are within the same Wi-Fi network, no internet connection is  necessary.

Q: Can the camera itself record?
A: Without micro-SD card or internet connection, the camera can live stream video to your cell phone or PC via a local Wi-Fi. This video stream can be recorded and saved in your camera/PC photo application.

Q: Can the camera track objects automatically.
A: Yes, if switched on, the camera will follow moving objects along the horizontal axis. It will not adjust the vertical tilt. This setting works well for open spaces where the camera can follow a moving object. Note however that the camera does not automatically return back to a based position, but rather stays where it last recorded the moving object. This is to ensure that the moving object is recorded again when it moves back into the observation area from where it left. If you want to ensure that a particular area is monitored, the better option might be to have motion tracking off and set the direction to the area that requires monitoring.

Q: Does the camera have night vision?
A: Yes the camera used infrared night vision. Users have the option to switch light on or have it switch on automatically if a motion is detected. With light on, the camera can record in color at night.

Q: Does the camera have a microphone?
A: Yes the camera can record audio, but it also functions as a two way communication device. Equipped with a speaker the user can talk through the application. This can be used to deter burglars, but also to e.g. talk to children that you want to keep an eye on while being in a different part of the house.

Q: Does the camera have an alarm sound?
A: Yes the camera has the functionality to switch on an alarm sound functionality whenever a motion is detected. Note that this is independent from the "record when a motion is detected" setting.

Q: What type of storage card do I need?
A: SentryWatch supports micro-SD cards up to 128 GB for local storage of the video feed.

Q: Can the video footage be turned around if mounted upside down?
A: Yes, within the application the video feed can be flipped by 180 deg.

Q: Is the camera waterproof?
A: Camera is rated at IP65, which is considered water resistant for e.g. a water splash. However it is advised to provide cover from above, so that the camera and socket are not exposed to water.

Q: Can I operate multiple cameras from the same application?
A: Yes, multiple cameras can be linked to the same application and operated. A combined display can visualize all linked cameras at the same time.

Q: Can I switch off the camera from the application?
A: Yes, each camera can be put into standby mode and turned on from with the application. Note that the camera will remain connected to the Wi-Fi network even in standby mode and also attempt to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network in case of a temporary Wi-Fi outage.

Q: What is the range for the Wi-Fi that the camera can cover?
A: Range is more depended on the range of the Wi-Fi connection. For this reason SentryWatch is currently based on 2G technology, which covers larger distances with lower speed, in comparison with 5G that provides higher speed at lower coverage. For remote applications that go beyond the typical distance that can be bridged by e.g. Wi-Fi extenders an alternative option would be to use a pocket Wi-Fi device that generates a local Wi-Fi network with it's on dedicated SIM card.

Q: How much is the cloud subscription for the camera?
A: Note cloud usage is optional. The camera application comes with an initial 7 days free trial. After that the user would have to subscribe to a cloud subscription. Subscription can be monthly or annually and prices depend on the number of cameras, type of recording (motion only or continuous) and length of backed-up video feed (7d, 15d or 30d). Most basic plan would be 1 camera, 7d loop with motion recording starting at ~$5 USD/month billed monthly.

Q: Does the camera work with Google Alexa?
A: Yes the camera can be connected, additional details can be found here.

Q: Somebody can just unscrew and steal the camera. How would it be a security device?
A: Any standard CCTV camera can be damaged or stolen. SentryWatch however can be combined with the cloud subscription. Any video footage is immediately stored in the cloud and can be viewed from there, helping to identify the intruder.

Q: What type of recording modes does the camera have?
A: Camera supports continuous recording or recording when a movement is detected. From within the application also photo snapshots can be taken. Depending on the setting, the user can be informed about the detected movements via the application.

If we still haven't managed to answer your questions please submit your questions to with the headline "SentryWatch New FAQ" and your questions as contents. 

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